If you walk through the street markets of South Italy you will experience unbelievable smells, flavours and colours.The flavour of a product is extremely characterized by its history, its origin and by the land where it was grown. The excellence of Corbarino tomato is due to its colour, its consistency and its flavour.

Rare Bontà

Rare Bontà is the result of APOM twenty years of experience as well as the passion of its producers. The Agro Nocerino Sarnese is one of the most fertile and productive regions in Italy, and our main goal is to promote the tradition and the typical products of this area. The respect of our origin is crucial in order to protect the cultivations, the properties of soils and the authenticity of products. Rare Bontà is committed to providing you with the higheststandard of quality relative to production and packaging.


The Corbarino tomato grows on Lattari mountains and the term comes from Corbara hills. These mountains divide the Agro Nocerino Sarnese region from the Amalfi Coast. The climate of this area and the properties of soil determine its colour, consistency and flavour. The Corbarino is easily recognizable by its organoleptic and morphological properties.


The Corbarino is more little than other tomatoes and is easily recognizable by its organoleptic and morphological properties. This product is high in vitamins and mineral salts mixed with a sweet and sour taste. It can be used both raw and cooked for making tomato purée. Corbarino is also popular for its antioxidants properties.

Our products

The Corbarino Rare Bontà is available in two different formats. The traditional method is canning tomatoes in glass jars or tin; it preserves all the natural properties of the tomato which can be used both cooked and raw. We also produce the Corbarino tomato purée packed in glass jars, which is the best solution for cooking the traditional pasta recipe of the region called “Vongole fujute” (literally “escaped clams”, is to say with clams flavour but without them).

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